Daryl, collectively have over 25 years of experience working in the tourism / airline industry, are not only specialists in the local market but have a rather insatiable taste for great big world abroad. Having travelled internationally extensively, experiencing many a different cultural diversity, he is both well informed and schooled in the art of entertaining and educating not only tourists about our beautiful country but also educating our local folk on matters beyond our borders. The years he spent working in the industry, whether attending to passengers aboard a plane, assisting the crew from the occasional wooziness there were nothing but smiles on lengthy travels. His work and travel experience combined with the extensive training he underwent getting certified by the tourism board makes for a fun and interactive trip with Q and A’s flowing in all directions. Being born and bred in Cape Town and having done extensive travelling, Cape Tours & Adventures offer a somewhat unique experience within our beautiful city; so whether it’s visiting one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world, or having one or three glasses of the finest wine before setting out to have a night on the town… let’s all get together and have a really great time… the Cape Town way.